The SO-HIP study is a three-arm stepped wedge cluster randomized trial. The participating care centres are the units of randomization. The care centres are randomized to one fixed sequence of the three interventions (see table 1). All of the care centres will start with providing the standard rehabilitation, the control condition (C) at the beginning of the study. At a predetermined time point, one care centre will cross over to the first intervention, occupational therapy with coaching (OTc). At a following time point the intervention occupational therapy coaching and sensor monitoring will start (OTcsm). The trial will continue until the last care centre has completed the coaching and occupational therapy (OTcsm). Each care centre will start the OTC and the OTcsm at a different time.

Tabel 1. Design of the tree-arm stepped wedged cluster randomized trial and number or participants in each time point.

0-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12
Nursing home NH1 C:10 OTc: 10 OTc: 10 OTcsm: 10 OTcsm: 10 OTcsm: 10
NH2 C:10 C:10 OTc: 10 OTc: 10 OTcsm: 10 OTcsm: 10
NH3 C: 10 C:10 C:10 OTc: 10 OTc: 10 OTcsm: 10
NH4 C:10 C:10 C:10 C:10 OTc: 10 OTcsm:10

C= Controle condition
OTc= Occupational therapy with coaching
OTcsm= Occupational therapy with coaching and sensor monitoring
NH= Nursing home

The feasibility study started at the health group Amaris in October 2015. At that location there are in each intervention group 15 clients, with a total of 45 people. We anticipate the main study to start in the period of April and June 2016.