Welcome to the website of the SO-HIP study. In the SO-HIP study we investigate the application of sensor technology in a rehabilitation program for elderly after hip fracture. We anticipate that by using sensor technology for feedback and as a coaching tool during the rehabilitation, the recovery in the daily and physical function of the elderly can be improved. We expect that this will result in an increase in participation in daily activities, an increase in feelings of safety and a decrease in feelings related to fall- anxiety at home.

The research will be conducted by the department of geriatric health in the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam, the research department Digital Life from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam and the research group Occupational Therapy; Participation and Environment from the Amsterdam Center for Innovative Health Practice (Achieve) from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam.

On this website you will find information about the research, how sensor technology will be used within the research and an overview of the participating institutions.

If you have questions about the research while visiting this website, then please contact us at: m.c.pol@hva.nl

Best regards,

From the research team.

Margriet Pol, MSc project leader, main researcher of the study/PhD student SO-HIP
Dr Bianca Buurman, PhD, RN, Coordinator investigator/copromotor

Research group Occupational therapy; Participation and Environment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,  Centre for Innovative Health Practice (ACHIEVE), www.hva.nl/achieve
Research group Digital life Centre, www.digitallifecentre.nl
Department of Internal Medicine , Geriatric section Academic Medical Center(AMC), The Netherlands www.effectieveouderenzorg.nl